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Deloitte International Student Business Forum 2012 March 15th - March 19th 2012, Athens, Greece07 December 2011р.

This three-day event offers a unique mix of business and pleasure. I will help in developing critical leadership skills and working as part of a team to solve a complex business case. Also will be the opportunity to meet some of the people behind the Deloitte success story.

The company organized a number of activities to help students get to know firm, people and services. This forum will help develop the skills, competencies and contacts needed to achieve the highest goals.

The business case will test understanding of business practice and theory. Will be an opportunity to apply real-life, practical issues and see how they are solved from the best people in the business. For added incentive, the winning team will be recognized with a prize to remember.

The forum is designed to help students to expand their range of skills, while considering the options they have for their career.

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