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№ 2, 2012 / English version /



You see the latest issue of University Education, in which Ukrainian and foreign experts provide information on the results of research on current issues and directions of higher education development.

The publications in the «Development Trends in Higher Education» section highlight such key trends in the European and Ukrainian higher education as: intensification of competition on the education services market, strengthening of international cooperation, diversification of the mechanisms for financing higher education, etc. The article by the well-known American Professor Karen Fox «Higher Education Marketing: The United States Experience» reveals the essence and evolution of the theory and practice of marketing in higher education in the USA. It acquaints you with the relevant experience of leading American universities, substantiates the necessity for the application of the marketing approach for their efficient operation.

The «University Scientific Research» section is devoted to one of the most urgent topics, not only for higher education institutions, but also for society as a whole. The economic development of any country is dependent on the potential to generate knowledge as well as products and technologies, based on the latest scientific achievements. Leading world universities are the ones that have always been and will continue to be the centres for the formation and dissemination of new scientific knowledge. The main criteria for evaluating the intellectual potential and social recognition of modern universities, as stated in the materials of this section, is the scientific and pedagogical school. In the article «The Road to Competitiveness: The Importance of Database Access at a Research University», Professor Gerald Groshek from the US highlights the results of research on the interconnection between the publication activity of researchers in well-known journals and the international cooperation of scholars in this sphere.

The issues of the development, implementation and realization of the latest approaches to the modern management of a university and education processes are under discussion in the section «Strategic Development of Universities». The section presents the results of the research into the role of global competence, the substance, models and methods for activating class work at world-class research universities.

Professor Joanna Zyra from Poland presents the results of a qualitative evaluation of education on the basis of data on the development of the graduates’ careers. Topical issues regarding the creation and commercialization of the intellectual products of a university’s activity are set forth in the «Management of Intellectual Property» section together with the evaluation of the possibilities of legal protection of the scientific and applied scientific results of university research within the limits of the current legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of intellectual property. The «Educational Technologies» section provides information on the latest effective methods for teaching students at world-class universities.

I hope the journal publications will result in further discussions both in future issues of the journal and in academic circles.

A.F. PAVLENKO, Rector of Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

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№ 1, 2011

The first issue of "University Education" unveiled

09/09/2011 the first issue of scientific and practical journal "University Education" unveiled. It’s devoted to the description of university life recent events and important practical aspects of establishing and building world-class research universities, modern scientific concepts of competitive university etc. The journal conception provides its structuring into separate sections: events, trends in higher education, actual interviews, world-class universities rankings, strategic development of universities, intellectual property management, and educational technology. In the context of certain rubrics materials of appropriate topic or focus to be represented.

Publication of "University Education" owes to efficient, persistent and creative work of our university’s scientists and specialists. The journal's editorial board involves Ukrainian scientists and researchers and well-known British expert in higher education Zoya Zaytseva (QS, London).

"University Education" has a modern stylish design, thanks to creative work of editors and designers. The journal is colorful and printed on high quality paper, giving it very original image. The journal is free for online viewing on the site of the Institute of Higher Education at KNEU.

Information is prepared by Volodymyr Satsyk, Researcher in the Institute of Higher Education, and executive editor of "University Education"

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