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Innovation Policy: European Benchmarking for Ukraine21 November 2011р.

On November 11, 2011 Dr. Gudrun Rumpf, Key Expert on policy and Capacity Building, presented in Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University  the results of EU project on innovation in Ukraine: European Benchmarking for Ukraine (in three volumes).

In Volume 1 “Key features of innovation policy as a basis for designing innovation enhancing measures leading Ukraine to a knowledge-based competitive economy – Comparison EU and Ukraine” thirteen topics in research and development, technological and innovation policy in the EU and in Ukraine likely to have a major impact on the competitiveness of Ukrainian economy were analyzed. Main comparisons between Ukraine and EU countries were carried out. Strategic policy issues and challenges for action were drawn.

In Volume 2 “The analysis of the legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of research, developments and innovation activity and suggestions for amendments for legislation” the project analysed the legal frameworks regulating the issues as of Volume 1 in Ukraine, in the EU and in its Member States. Based on the comparative analysis proposals on improving legislation in the field of innovation, research and development in Ukraine were elaborated.

The analysis carried out in Volumes 1 and 2 were the basis to draw policy options for action laid down in Volume 3 “Innovation in Ukraine: Policy Options for Action”. The effort was concentrated in identifying some main barriers and drivers to innovation in order to propose 87 sets of actions that could be useful for the policy makers to consider. The proposed sets of actions/measures have been grouped under main six policy action lines: “Better governance in favor of innovation”; “Enhancing innovation in enterprises”; “Bridging R&D potential with Industry”; “More Innovation in Regions”; “Developing an innovative culture”; and “Globally competitive on Eco-innovation”.

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Monograph Volume 1
Monograph Volume 2
Monograph Volume 3